Deco Twist and Deco Bubble, at the Tokyo Design Week

From October 26th to 31st  we have been in the Tokyo Design Week presenting our latest creations, exclusive to the Japanese market, Deco Twist and Deco Bubble. We have presented them in the cradle of the Japanese creation, a landmark for the design world which in this edition celebrates their thirty-first anniversary.

The Japanese firm Katzden Architec unveiled the playful and decorative products we have designed for them, after an extensive history of creating playgrounds and specific furniture for this segment, and whose function is to create a playground in the kids’ rooms, helping them develop their psychomotor activity, balance and physical development through playing.

Health, leisure, well-being and ergonomics for the little ones are matters which are gradually gaining relevance in the Japanese culture, which is raising awareness on the matter. Therefore, the tendency of introducing sport in the home space, as an important element of the family routine.

Deco Twist and Decco Bubble comply with the highest security standards which come from an efficient design by Alegre Design. They also created other products for Katzden Architec aimed at the children’s segment in Japan, such as the three ladder models Snake, Tube and Square, which grant the kids access to the mezzanines where they usually rest, play and have fun.

Tokyo Design Week showcases the last trends and products in sectors such as architecture, interior design, product design and graphic design from all over the world, expecting to welcome, again, more than 100.000 visitors.