Color trends in industrial design

Industrial design is not indifferent no trends when it comes to color. Our Italian collaborator, has shared her insight about which are the colors of the moment, those that are being used in industrial design by many professionals. Here are the most popular now.


Pink is one of the leading color trends in the design industry for 2017. The so called “new neutral” is shaking off its feminine associations to represent values like equality and gender neutrality. The application of this color to the most disparate consumer goods is huge: from technology to furniture, the production has decided to invest in the powerful visual language of pink. These color tones offer a wide palette to work with: with the right nuance and finish, it can be very exclusive and sophisticated. A bright pink infuses positivity and confidence, while lighter nuances, such as pink skin tones, can have a calming effect.


Blue is a vibrant and luminous color, with a powerful calming and relaxing effect. It’s the color of experimentation. During 2017, the industry, together with the designers, has tested new material processes. The primal association with water is the starting point for working on fluidity and on gradient: the color is distributed naturally on the surface, creating intersting perceptional games.


Pantone, at the beginning of the year, predicted that ‘greenery’ would be a crucial color for the 2017 product and interior design. Indeed, many companies have worked on this particular shade of green, intense and vivid, applying it to a wide variety of industrial sectors and different materials: from transparent glass to opaque plastics, green is always contemporary. Green has become a transversal and versatile color, capable of linking the natural world with the production chain in a modern and global way. Nature itself offers a huge range of green and earth colors; design has only to take inspiration from our environment to create something new.


Fresh pastels are the most unpredictable color trend of the year, and we’re seeing them in a whole new way. These colors have always been relegated to specific areas, such as children-related products, making it almost impossible for them to approach other productive spheres. Instead, during 2017, we saw pastel colors in home furnishings and accessories, as well as in public spaces and cars. In particular, when paired with dark accents and bold colors, soft pastels are an original and trendy way to refresh a product look and to make a statement in any space.


Black is back to lead the market in its monochrome look. Dominating the whole surface of an object, this fine and elegant color highlights the design and materials’ quality. Its language is universal and timeless, with a strong and magnetic visual power. The application of black is extremely varied: from an absorbing black to an extremely reflective one, this color will always stand for untouched beauty and sophistication.