Cesta & Sit Bike, our two new designs directed to Japan

Alegre Industrial Studio has designed two bike stands for Japan, in a cultural exchange for industrial design. They have created these bike stands for Japanese company Katzden Architec Inc., which specialises in the manufacture of metal products, particularly staircases, railings and street furniture.

Thanks to this collaborative project, our two companies have had the chance to share their knowledge and gain an insight into the other’s culture and work  method. Katzden was looking for a European design studio with extensive experience in the European market, a studio that knew how to capture the continent’s style and values and which had a good knowledge of the required production processes.

The collaboration has given Alegre Industrial Studio the opportunity to incorporate new Japanese techniques into its work methods. These have led to significant improvements in manufacturing efficiency, product sustainability and the simplicity of each project. Other details like making it easier to install, maintain and clean the products were also considered.

The results of this first collaborative project are Cesta and Sit Bike, two bike stands for public areas as well as private use. The notes attached provide further details about the manufacturing process, the features of each design and the elements that inspired their creation.

More information:
Cesta: bit.ly/17vPIJ5
Sit Bike: bit.ly/H5T4eQ