B&V Story


Products are the best representatives for a brand, the work a company puts into them speaks for the brand image’s quality

A strong brand image is not bound to chance. It is a long-term joint work performed by maker and designer. We do not only think of the design of a specific product, but about a long-term strategic brand analysis project with specific milestones starting on the conception of the brand’s products. This is what we did with the upholstery company B&V. A long ride family business (they have been in operation for more than 20 years) but focused on their national market.

The starting point for our collaboration is the need for the company to start an internationalization process. Within the framework of this new business strategy, the company needed a new product, a new brand image, new markets as well as being introduced to new sectors, aiming to become one of the European upholstery leading brands. In Alegre Design we drew up a five-year guideline where all the actions to implement (design, production, communication, sales and internationalization strategies…) were taken into account aiming to position the brand in these new markets.

For milestones like the unveil of seven new products in the Hábitat Valencia trade show in 2015, of which we have designed four (IKON, DOCKS, EGO y SIGNATURE). Products for new sectors (contract) and aimed to international customers, to whom quality and know-how are key.