Reinventing the everyday all across the globe

Design, and Spanish design with an international outlook in particular, is flourishing. Not for nothing has Valencia been named World Design Capital 2022. For 20 years, Alegre Design has been using cutting-edge methodologies to create user-friendly designs for application all over the world.

Our goal of reinventing the everyday has led to collaborations with Spanish companies, as well as with companies from Italy, China, the USA and Japan, among others. This experience was the subject of an interview on Radio Nacional de España, on the programme Marca España (Brand Spain), which features the most remarkable success stories in Spanish design. Listen to the full interview here: Link

«We are the new generation of industrial design. Up to now, designers have tended to focus more on aesthetics. For many years, we have focused not just on aesthetics, but on solutions too. We have always based ourselves on the principles of innovation, value and people. Providing real innovation tailored to the company’s production processes, and bringing value to companies and businesses in terms of sales. Design by and for people, with everyday products that we all use. We are thrilled when we see people using these products, often without knowing who designed them», says our CEO, Marcelo Alegre in the interview.

In this regard, he noted that the company, with its Agile Design approach, has developed methodologies and processes that are tailored to all cultures and all locations.

«For example, in the Japanese market you need to know how to choose the fabrics and production processes. On the other hand, in the American market you need to be aware of all the regulations and standards that apply. Ultimately, the important thing is that the product reaches people», he added.

Alegre Design’s international journey began with the desire to work with the best companies in each sector, wherever they were located. For the last three years, Marcelo Alegre has drawn on this two decades’ worth of experience in his role as mentor to Spanish companies seeking to make their way in the global arena, through the ICEX Next programme.

Furthermore, in view of new needs related to hygiene, safety and social distancing, the company has been working for years on solutions that have now been able to respond to specific requirements. As a result of this ability to anticipate and take a long-term view, Italian school classrooms have now been equipped with tens of thousands of KLC Edu chairs designed by OMP Group.