Agile Design, our new approach for a new era

In our nearly two decades of work focused on design and what people need we have designed services, experiences and products for different markets and industries in collaboration with a wide array of companies always with the same goal: to make people’s lives easier, while bringing innovation and create value to the clients that put their trust in us.

As a result of these twenty years of work, we have developed our own methodology, Agile Design. A new approach that applies design thinking and allows us to study each case and every sector to identify innovations, define value proposals and satisfy people’s needs. The skills and solutions defined in our Agile Design approach are now more necessary and useful than ever, in a moment of change and evolution, when we find ourselves entering a new reality, a new normality, whose characteristics are yet to be fully defined.

Our Agile Design philosophy allows us to adapt every project to any change. Our projects are flexible, adaptable and efficient, . and being accessible for small to big companies. And, with it, we can change and adapt ourselves every step of the way.

This approach focuses on implementing processes that represent differentiated value, always thinking about the user, always from the premise of quality, durability and sustainability.

The essence of Agile Design is based on our three pillars: Innovation, Value and People. They are the foundation of out three main services, that encompass all of our studio’s research, creative, technical, strategic and design solutions. They are Trend Research, Design Direction y Product Design.

Design Direction comprises Venture Design, Innovation Consulting, Business Design Strategy and Corporate Development. With, this comprehensive approach, we are able to define forward-looking strategies that go beyond what is available in the market, optimizing process and unveiling new ideas and smart change.

Trend Research is the tool that allows us to detect and analyze trends and changes and implement them, whenever we see fit, in our design process. Our solutions include Trend Forecasting, User Insights and CMF Design.

Product Design brings together our ability to anticipate people’s needs and our creative and technical skills in order to create products that create a true innovation and that are useful and relevant now and, also, in the future. Whatever that future may bring.