Actiu success story

Alegre Design’s relationship with Actiu, manufacturer of furniture for office, contract and hospitality spaces -National Design Award 2017- is a clear reflection of our philosophy and our way of working based off a global approach to design, capable of conceiving an aesthetic but also defining the technical details and the engineering, improving the product for the user and the client’s manufacturing process.

This philosophy of ongoing accompaniment has led to many long-term relationships, in this case, for over 18 years. From the very beginning, our collaboration with Actiu has gone far beyond product design, addressing a new way of doing things and working to improve all processes. Thus, innovation has spread to the formal side of things, as well as to technical solutions. While the final products are the tangible result, they come from a lot of intense, strategy-based work, where the concept and approach are global in scale.

TNK (2002)

The TNK chair marked the beginning of this relationship. The company’s consolidation phase had ended and it wanted to implement new technologies and processes with constant brand improvement. TNK marked a turning point for both Alegre Design and Actiu, because it incorporated aluminum as a raw material for the very first time, while also using new technologies and improving quality standards. TNK was the trigger that set off the company’s evolution in terms of products, equipment and technologies.

Plek (2008) – Red Dot Design Award 

Plek reinvented the concept of folding furniture based on its design and materials. Traditionally designed for domestic spaces, the incorporation of technical materials such as aluminum and plastic allowed the Plek to be used in professional environments. A flexible and dynamic piece was thus created, whose innovations allow the seat to be raised to an intermediate position, especially suitable for use in large events. Plex spread as a collection through folding tables and glass tables with a lightweight structure.

Arkitek (2011) 

The leap in quality made by the TNK chair was extrapolated to the field of tables, representing a big technological challenge. Due to the size of its diecast aluminum parts, it not only provided a new timeless aesthetic, but also required the extensive technological development of machinery to be able to manufacture it.

Viva (2012) 

Viva is a single-shell plastic chair by Alegre Design that was created from a new concept of improving comfort by overmolding soft material inside the piece that seamlessly integrates the seat and the backrest.

TNK A500 (2012) – Red Dot Design Award

The TNK500 adds technical, functional and technological details that favor comfort and mobility, while incorporating aluminum and mechanical engineering in its production processes, in addition to using polymers reinforced with fiberglass  video and soft materials at the points of interaction with the user.

TNK Flex (2018) German Design Award and Archiproduct Design Award

TNK Flex provides two fundamental innovations: an ergonomic design based on support and interaction with the user, and an intelligent response backrest, with an orbiting pivot that supports and embraces the back, automatically adjusting to all its movements, without the user having to activate any mechanism. The seat is the starting point from which the user is supported by a backrest that is fully adjustable in height, inclination and torque, providing complete freedom of movement in their daily tasks.

Talent (2019)

Talent is the evolution of the Trama (2009) range. The challenge consisted in finding a large height-adjustable table that could be operated without electricity. An easily accessible button activates a gas piston that regulates both the ascent and descent of the work surface, in a very subtle and smooth movement, in which the user is the one who determines the height.

Noom (2019) – European Product Design and FX International Interior Design Award

Noom is born from the inspiration of a traditional upholstered armchair with the folds and seams of its fabrics. This craftsmanship has been combined with 3D technology to create sophisticated high-end upholstery, which represents a technological leap in the field of furniture. Its design generates unusual geometries, which manage to create new sensations. Materials such as high-density polyurethane offer guaranteed durability. 

Trim (2020) – German Design Award

Trim prioritizes comfort and health with advanced technical qualities, including a height-adjustable backrest and advanced lumbar support. It comes in three different models: a plastic laminate backrest, a mesh backrest and one upholstered. Its texture, made from a very durable plastic laminate, creates a mesh that supports the back and improves air circulation.