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Strategic design company committed to innovating by giving value to people

The market and society are constantly changing and moving. And so are we. We are permanently seeking new perspectives and ideas with which to redefine services, products and experiences, providing value and innovation and creating a new future for people. We inspire change through design.

At Alegre Design we are passionate about design and innovation and we want to work with our clients to help them go further, providing a new and integrated vision of this new, smart world. 

We provide value to customized projects that integrate design, innovation and strategy. We study each case, define needs and objectives and we boost the company’s growth by applying creativity, excitement, common sense, a forward-looking approach and sound technical capability.


Marcelo Alegre

Marcelo Alegre

CEO | Designer | EMEA

Marcelo founded Alegre Design in 2002 to create value through innovation and design. His ability to implement design in any strategy or production process enables him to identify requirements and simplify complex processes in a structured and well-planned manner, in both the short and long term.

Andrés Baldoví

Andrés Baldoví

Designer | APAC

Design can build bridges and bring value to products, services and experiences. Andrés’ work is always based on a nonstop search to create innovation for businesses and people. He believes design must find new uses for everyday products and place the user’s needs at the heart of everything. 

Jorge Paez

Jorge Paez

Designer | US

Jorge believes designers have the ability to enhance living conditions, creating meaningful experiences and empowering others to achieve the unimaginable. This ideal is brought on by his multicultural upbringing which allows him to bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Ana Llobet

Ana Llobet

Strategic Design

Ana profiles strategies. She focuses on people to study their relationship with a product or service and anticipate their needs, seeking differentiation in the small details that make things unique, together with the functionalities that will make them essential.

Álvaro Beltrán

Álvaro Beltrán

Structural Design

An industrial designer by vocation, Álvaro is never far from a pencil and a screwdriver. He loves to build and create, technically incorporating in real objects designs that leave a positive impression on society. Innovation and design at the service of people.

Marina Fos

Marina Fos

Visual Design

Design combines technique and creativity, two aspects about which Marina is passionate. Her work consists of transmitting the values of each project via graphic design and in attracting the user’s attention at first glance. She applies equal measures of creativity and rigour in her work.


Common sense

We understand design as a global concept which is not only applied to style, but that can and does come up with realistic solutions for the product’s lifespan: right from the production process itself, the sustainability of its manufacturing, the use efficiency, the user interface or its environmentally-friendly materials. We design with the user, the company and the release of the product in mind. We create efficient, timeless design solutions, always taking emotional, cultural, anthropometric and mechanical factors into account. And of course, all of our projects have to undergo strict production viability tests.

Knowledge: New solutions and uses

For more than fifteen years we have faced new challenges in product design on a daily basis. This has resulted in collaborations of great diversity in industrial sectors worldwide. This experience, acquired in each project, allows us to transmit knowledge between industries and cultures. With this, we contribute innovation, new technologies, processes and experience in sectors that want to look beyond what they do every day.


Our added value is taking on products which increase the company’s worth thanks to its originality and efficiency and expertise. We work on all the areas of the product and study its productive chain, which enables us to provide creativity and solutions in all the stages of the manufacturing process. As a result, we have obtained countless patents for our designs, many of them name brands in the sector. These clients come from all over the world, clients whom we have been working with for years thanks to the international projection of Alegre Design and who appreciate our work ethic; a way to interact with clients which allows them to work as if we were part of their organization, makes it a reality.


From startups to first level brands, we are lucky to work with many of the world’s leading companies including:

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Our designs have also won prestigious international awards like the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, a Good Design and  IF Product Design Award. Alegre Design’s international scope means that we work with clients from all over the world.

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