Creating products through experiences.

Designing goes beyond creating the styling for products. For us, designing means contributing a concept, defining new uses and creating experiences that contribute well-being to the users. The product is no longer the object. The product is the experience that the user obtains through the object. We not only design the aesthetics of the object but create a project that takes into account factors such as ergonomics, production processes and the users’ needs.

This is Alegre Design, an industrial design studio, which, through its extensive experience over the last 15 years, is capable of detecting future scenarios, creating new strategies or reinventing traditional ones. And all this within a strategic concept defined by focusing on the user, the space, its context and the manufacturer that makes it a reality.


Responsibility, efficiency and accuracy. Our aim is for the products that we make meet these three qualities. We achieve this thanks to the acquired experienced throughout the past fifteen years; where we have provided lasting solutions and new uses for everyday objects through our know-how, creativity and innovation.

Common Sense

We understand design as a global concept which is not only applied to style, but that can and does come up with realistic solutions for the product’s lifespan: right from the production process itself, the sustainability of its manufacturing, the use efficiency, the user interface or its environmentally-friendly materials. We design with the user, the company and the release of the product in mind. We create efficient, timeless design solutions, always taking emotional, cultural, anthropometric and mechanical factors into account. And of course, all of our projects have to undergo strict production viability tests.

Knowledge: New solutions and uses

For more than fifteen years we have faced new challenges in product design on a daily basis. This has resulted in collaborations of great diversity in industrial sectors worldwide. This experience, acquired in each project, allows us to transmit knowledge between industries and cultures. With this, we contribute innovation, new technologies, processes and experience in sectors that want to look beyond what they do every day.


Our added value is taking on products which increase the company’s worth thanks to its originality and efficiency and expertise. We work on all the areas of the product and study its productive chain, which enables us to provide creativity and solutions in all the stages of the manufacturing process. As a result, we have obtained countless patents for our designs, many of them name brands in the sector. These Clients come from all over the world. Clients whom we have been working with for years thanks to the international projection of Alegre Design and who appreciate our work ethic; a way to interact with clients which allows them to work as if we were part of their organization.makes it a reality.

What we do

In Alegre Design, in addition to designing products, we create new solutions and uses for day-to-day designs, through innovation and design.

We create projects that are not just ideas or sketches. Hundreds of products for benchmark brands that trust us due to our solvency and ability to understand the industrial and manufacturing processes behind each product. Products that stimulate, inspire and connect with the consumer. We help companies grow and gain competitive advantage through their products.


Marcelo Alegre

Marcelo Alegre founded Alegre Design in 2002 with a core idea in mind: redesigning everyday the objects within a global design framework, going beyond the aesthetic, also focusing on the production processes, the materials and the business needs in order to provide solutions capable to cater for all of their clients’ needs. With all the knowledge gathered in his six years working at Punt Mobles and his knowledge of the industry, the aim was to work on innovation by means of traditional methods, but bringing new finishes and industrial solutions leading to more efficient production processes.

Ever since he was a kid, he has lived long periods of time in different countries. He studied Industrial Design at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, where he ended up teaching. He currently combines his job as a CEO at Alegre Design with teaching at the ELISAVA design school, within theCEUCardenal Herrera Product Design Master’s Degree and at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France.

Tireless traveler, he travels around the world gathering all the knowledge and sensitivity provided by other cultures, to later apply it to the products he designs in the studio. Creation is his passion and he instills this spirit to everyone around him, both to his personal and professional acquaintances. Jewellery aficionado and amateur cook, he shares this last passion with his family and friends. He combines his work routine with sports, weekend excursions and his passion for order and organization. We create projects that are not just ideas or sketches. Hundreds of products for benchmark brands that trust us due to our solvency and ability to understand the industrial and manufacturing processes behind each product. Products that stimulate, inspire and connect with the consumer. We help companies grow and gain competitive advantage through their products.

Andrés Baldoví

Andrés Baldoví studied industrial design at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. He later took a Master’s Degree in Product Design at the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, and at the same time he started working in the studio, in 2005. Ever since, his studio work has always been based on a nonstop search for new trends and product finishes.

He has worked on more than one hundred different products and, with them, he has learnt that what he is most passionate about in his work is looking for new uses for everyday objects. Helping design provide the products he makes with an added value, bringing the new market trends, the consumer’s needs and the use the latter will make of the product along with building bridges that will have innovation of the tradition as the core concept on which he develops his product design work are his mottos.

Andrés’s greatest passion is the outdoors and spending time with his family. He loves road cycling, hanging out with his family and friends and learning from the world’s greatest designers such as Starck, Meda or Lissoni.

Ana Llobet

Ana Llobet is the youngest member of the studio, providing a fresh approach, knowledge and a female perspective to all our projects. She is confident, efficient and rigorous. Throughout her career, which began in 2010 in the NUDE Showroom for young talents at the Hábitat Valencia Expo, she has worked at some of the most renowned national and international studios, such as CuldeSac or Ramón Esteve. She has also worked for such influential furniture brands as Gandía Blasco where she signed her own collection: Textile.

Ana finished her studies after completing the Postgraduate Course in Furniture Design for the Habitat at Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, where she met Marcelo Alegre, one of her teachers. Previously, Ana had finished her product design training at the Valencia School of Art and Design, as well as a large number of courses that qualified her to tackle larger scale projects related to industrial design. She now places all her knowledge at the service of Alegre Design, where in each project she analyses trends, conceptualises ideas, brings creativity and outlines a product experience for the user that goes beyond its aesthetics.

Ana is passionate about design and loves spending hours observing trends or making the most of her numerous trips to immerse herself in specialised libraries and museums, browsing design books and magazines in which she can be engrossed for hours. When her day becomes too much, Ana likes to cook, it is her way of de-stressing. She also loves to sketch with coloured pencils, which accompany her wherever she goes.

Alejandro Miñana

Alejandro Miñana is the oldest member of the studio. In his extensive experience of over 25 years, he has received a National Design Award, whilst he was in charge of the technical office of the Spanish company Punt Mobles, he has also developed the interior design projects of the architect Rafael Moneo, at a time when Punt Mobles and its architectural studio signed very important works such as the Prado Museum, the General Archive of Navarre or different museums in Galicia and Madrid.

His training as an Industrial Designer at the Valencia School of Art and Design and the “Istituto Europeo di Design” in Milan, together with his extensive experience in furniture companies (Punt Mobles, Antonio Almerich), architectural studios (José Martí) or even in the public works company Agroman, have brought him great knowledge of the industry and its processes. He has also been an associate professor at various universities and design schools. His work at Alegre Design consists of making the studio’s design projects a reality. His work covers the technical part that allows an idea or a sketch to be launched onto the market. For this he seeks the most suitable production systems, tends to relations with the manufacturers and searches out the best suppliers.

In his free time he is a real water sports enthusiast, mainly rowing and Kayak surfing. In fact, many years ago he and several friends set up a kayak club in Pobla de Farnals, which now has a hundred registered members. In addition, he spends the rest of his leisure time developing prototypes, furniture and other home accessories from home, where he applies his industrial knowledge to craftsmanship.

Clients: Global work

From startups to first level brands, we are lucky to work with many of the world’s leading companies including:


Our designs have also won prestigious international awards like the Red Dot Design Award, the IF Product Design Award, the Premios Delta and Designpreis Deutschland. Alegre Design’s international scope means that we work with clients from all over the world.