A book that documents a decade of Valencian design

The book entitled «Valencian design (2009-2019), products for a global world» has been published and presented at an event held in the IVAMlab in the Museu Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM). Our CEO, Marcelo Alegre, was one of the people responsible for presenting the publication, which features the contents of the exhibition of the same name held in the IVAM in Alcoi.

The curator Xavier Giner, the publisher Tomás Gorría and the designer Vicent Martínez also took part in the event. Marcelo Alegre spoke on behalf of the designers, since Alegre Design is the studio responsible for the largest number of pieces in this IVAM exhibition.

«Seeing the work gathered together from ten years of Valencian design, and from so many colleagues, fills me with emotion. The exhibition presents a journey and the beginning of a new era in which Valencia is going to become a global reference point in design. This exhibition and this book are a very significant first step that shine the spotlight on design», Marcelo Alegre said.

He also emphasized the innovative approach of Valencian product design. «All the pieces that are gathered display innovation, they generate value for the companies that sell them and they have been designed with people in mind. This is why design is able to adapt to specific circumstances. Design always adapts. If you look at how design was done 20 years ago, it has no connection to the way we work now. And what will it be like in ten years’ time? Well, we don’t know yet, but we will continue to design», he stressed.

Alegre Design has contributed a total of nine pieces to this exhibition, which serve to illustrate the global reach of Valencian design over the last ten years. Everyday products such as the Llatina bicycle support from the Japanese company Katzden, the EVO collection of public hygiene products from the company Nofer and the writing systems of the FG Pad Chair.

Also selected were the versatile KLC EDU chair from OMP Group, the IKON sofa from ByV and four designs for ACTIU: the Talent coffee table, the TNK Flex and Trim office chairs and the renowned Noom armchair, which have won awards for their design.

The exhibition will be open to the public at the IVAM premises in Alcoi until the 31st of January 2021.