The chair that provides lightness so you can work better


Lightness is the primary quality of an office chair, and that is the feature that best characterises Rail, a slender piece of furniture that incorporates technology and engineering in a classic elastic mesh chair designed for workspaces. The design from Alegre Design retains the spirit of the iconic mesh office chair while adding technical plastics to its construction.


Designed for the OMP components company, Rail’s design adds excellent ergonomics and comfort to the classic icon of elastic mesh office chairs.

Its innovation lies in the fact that it improves both comfort and the production cycle by adding technical thermoplastic material to its manufacture, which enhances efficiency and durability and creates a new standard.

Rail comes in two heights, which allows it to be used in different spaces, such as offices, homes, hotels and public spaces. Rail revisits the classic mesh chair and, based on a new design, creates a new iconic product, available with classic or aluminium arms, for environments that seek a superior aesthetic value.