Graphene for infinite interiors

Introducing a new product for room dividers: Alegre Design has developed Ambient, an innovative product based on compact graphene which can be used to form interior structures such as screens, walls and dividers, to create indoor spaces full of possibilities and design. Easy to transport and install, this system comprises pieces that can be assembled in different ways to provide free and limitless configurations.

Organic and Twist are the first two designs of this new proposal, the pieces of which can be combined by way of modules, enabling them to be adapted to every space and requirement.

Compact graphene is brought to interior design by Graphenglass, the first Spanish company to develop and patent this material, intended for architecture and interior design.

Its main strengths are its creative capacity and characteristics, which allow the creation of durable, stable and tremendously resistant composite pieces. Its manufacturing process, using moulding, gives each element its own character, providing the space in which it is integrated with its own singular and appealing personality.

“We based the design of the Ambient range on a molecular grid that allows us to generate infinite spaces and walls, thanks to the physical properties of compact graphene,” explains the designer Marcelo Alegre.

With a differentiated design, the two products of this line, Organic and Twist, lend their silhouettes, more rounded and sinuous, respectively, to the creation of infinite continuous surfaces that can be integrated in the design of interiors to divide spaces. In addition to the superior performance of this pioneering material, the great decorative value of Ambient provides sophisticated and avant-garde aesthetics to any ambience.

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